John Clark, Ph.D, C.E.C., Creativity Coach

What are my Clients and Colleagues Saying?

“I am a writer who had completed the first draft of a memoir and was struggling to make the first chapters as compelling as the middle of the book. Nothing was working in spite of great effort and many re-writes. I was in despair. I called John Clark. In John’s gentle way, he opened my eyes to new possibilities I had been too stuck to envision. I am so grateful that in talking with him I found a safe place to unburden myself and the encouragement to try again. Thank you, thank you, John." Jebba M. Handley, published author.

Rippling waves on crystal clear water.

“John is incredibly articulate and masterful in his communication. His rich life experience and love of the arts is invaluable to the coaching process. In just a few conversations, John was able to excite me about rediscovering the watercolorist deep within me and reminded me how important it is for me to nurture my creativity. Thank you, John!” Stephanie Marisca, Holistic Empowerment Coach and Consultant.

“John, you are a joy to work with, both as a coach and as a colleague. I especially treasure your warmth, wit, intelligence, breadth of knowledge, good humor, curiosity, creativity, mind-expanding perspectives, and genuine concern for, and interest in, all the people whose lives you touch. You truly are an empowering and inspiring coach!” Connie Komack, C.E.C., LifeWork Enterprises.

I have found a true writing mentor and coach in John Clark. He has that rare ability to help tease out the novel I really want to write, and the knowledge and skill to help me achieve my vision. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to practice the writer's craft in a completely supportive environment." Harriet Rzetelny, published author.

"I cannot say often enough that his teaching, mentoring, and coaching has given me the chance to bloom as no other person has been able to do. Working with John has been a full and empowering experience." Susie Howard, published author.

“John Clark participated in our coach training program from March 2005 to his graduation in December, 2005. Having got to know John during this process he clearly demonstrated a wonderful aptitude for coaching and connecting with people at a deep and meaningful level. His subtle humor, kindness and sincerity are his obvious traits that help others be very much at ease in his presence. His intellect, caring nature and general character make him a person you want to be associated with.” Bill Sex, President, New England Coaching.