John Clark, Ph.D, C.E.C., Creativity Coach

About Creativity Coaching

How does it work?

"Pan" Sculpture by Matt Daley. Photo by Jo Leal Clark.The relationship between the seeker of a creative path and the coach has to be one of trust, confidence, and confidentiality. From the beginning, the chemistry needs to be right so that a mutual trust between client and coach is established early on in the process. The coach is someone who will be there for you as you begin your journey and will be an inspiration to help you move forward.

The coaching process consists of regular phone calls and emails and in some cases, when convenient to client and coach, face-to-face meetings. And it is in the spirit of a working alliance in the most comfortable form for the client that the process is undertaken.

It is for this reason, to establish a fruitful alliance, that we begin with a complementary session, talking over your needs and goals before entering into a coaching agreement. This complementary session is the first step, so you can see for yourself what coaching is all about and to find out if you and your coach are a good match. If we agree to go forward, a Coaching Agreement is put into effect for a period of three months.

“I believe that life coaching can dramatically change the quality of your life. I also believe that the result springing from creativity coaching can give you a sense of fulfillment that can be as precious as life itself” John Clark

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