John Clark, Ph.D, C.E.C., Creativity Coach

Creativity Clients

Who Do I Work With?

My clients are from many walks of life. They are people who have been engaged in a task that challenges their creativity and vision.

As their coach I am able to listen carefully to what they hope to achieve and to help them find the ways for them to do so. I have worked with several clients who found it useful to have a champion to urge them on towards the completion of a book or an arts project.

On rare occasions I will act as a mentor in certain literary or musical matters where my academic training is of help, but it is in careful listening to what my client hopes for herself or himself that my best help comes into play.

My clients include:
• Novelists • Essayists • Painters
• First-time writers • Academic writers • Event planners
• Children’s book writers • Musicians • Coaches
• Poets • Sculptors  
Metal sculptures by Scott Cunningham of Hancock, NH.